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Introduction to VCS

VCS is a software package designed to manage communications between objects that are linearly expanded and geographically distributed, which is needed to facilitate voice and data transmission between remote control stations of network.

VCS implements all the benefits of a digital VCS platform.

VCS architecture manages subscriber networks of all sizes and topologies, using both the digital functions of VCS radio stations and analogue mode to facilitate a gradual upgrade to the new communication standard. Mixed mode can also be used when some websites operate in the same mode and others are in digital mode.


The Vcs architecture consists of three segments:

  • Management segment (Network administrator).
  • Base segment, including walkie-talkie connected to a permanent radio (mobile VCS station as control station) and repeater.
  • User or subscriber segmentation (mobile and mobile radio)

The management segment implements control and monitoring functions

The dispatcher has full or partial access to the system radio server installed software on the PC. CVS software allows various platform functions, forming the basis of the system. The machine is linked to fixed stations, which are the control station for the system and repeater.

All repeaters are connected to each other via IP networks and allow subscriber roaming and form a geographically distributed communications network. The communication area may be adjacent and separate.

The number of radio seats and regulators is unlimited. Radio database for storing radio group data. When the subscriber digital radio enters the coverage area of ​​the CVS network, it sends a request to the server and, in case of successful authentication, it is automatically registered.

System Solutions VCS

System Solutions VCS can support each system:

Number of VCS

  • Number of subscribers: up to 22 000 subscribers in Dispatch Database
  • Number of senders: 50

The number of Groups depends on the system configuration:

  • Perfectness limit: 100 active group calls in which calls last for 15-20 seconds
  • 3 transmissions per call.



Download VCS solutions support for maritime


  • The panel can monitor up to 4800 coastal coordinates coordinates of 45 sq. Km.

Up to 50 consoles connected to a system that can monitor subscribers according to channel frequency.

  • The number of tracking subscribers supported at each control communication segment of a system depends on the total load of the system and the configuration and structure.

Function list

Streamline traffic

Identify, streamline traffic on the sea / bay route: some maps of different types can be opened and arranged simultaneously on the screen.

Rules and alerts

Manage more effectively with configurable sets of rules and alerts, including predefined routes, speed and stop controls, advance notice for the system of active detention vessels, delivery of information on sea routes.

The response time

Reduce the response time in case of emergency to the lowest level.

Measures of signals

The system ensures coverage and measures of signals far from the mainland 45 sq km.

Tracking system

Ensure maximum productivity by keeping track of downtime too long and deviating from predefined routes.

System requirements

  • Increase the ability to monitor and coordinate the system

  • Predefined routes

  • Request automatic and manual placement

  • Integration with Google Earth and other GIS services.

1Location control:
The system allows monitoring and observation of cruise ships in / out. At the same time, you can check the position, speed, direction, ... of any ship appearing on the map, so that it can promptly operate, determine the exact ship in / out of the port, limiting maximum collisions at sea.
2Maritime security:
The system allows authorities to identify certain ships and track their journeys at any time. Therefore, the system will help enhance maritime awareness and allow for increased control and security. VCS service provides safe operation support - Maritime Security. Information of vessel reception (Source of ship origin, destination, speed, inspiration, etc.)
3Search and rescue:
In order to coordinate the resources available for a search and rescue mission, data on the location and operation status of other ships in the vicinity are required. In those situations, the system can provide additional information and increase awareness of available resources.
4Ship management:
The AIS system is an effective support tool for shipping companies, ship agents, etc. in managing and controlling the operation of ships at sea.

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